How to use Novel Insight Hypercube VST

Hypercube VST is a wrapper plugin that is calculated around a target VST2 synthesizer. It reduces the number of parameters to three by calculating three dimensional space of good sounds (X,Y,Z) from higher dimensional parameter presets. This requires that a 64bit VST2 synthesizer allows (1) reading preset parameter values and (2) have more presets than there are parameter values. If there is not enough presets it is not possible to calculate the parameter reduction.

Another problem there might be is that wrapper which is calculated for each VST instrument separatedly using Hypercube VST graphical interface which requires 64bit Java installation on your Windows computer. The software don't start if there is no 64bit Java avaible, a common problem is that as the default 32bit Java is installed to 64bit machine. This can be resolved by installing manually 64bit Java and/or uninstalling 32bit Java.


  1. To get parameter reduction you must first know VST2 *.DLL module file's location and filename. This file is in a VST directory and must be selected using Hypercube VST GUI. It is also possible to select a VST directory to scan and compute parameter reduction for all found module files.
  2. After the VST module name has been chosen. You need to then compute parameter reduction for the VST module(s). This can be started by clicking "Calculate VST" button. The parameter reduction method can be selected from the "File" menu. The fastest way to get results is to first select linear parameter reduction method which uses linear ICA and complex number value neural network to computer parameter reduction. After the computation stops which sometimes takes time from minutes to hours. The software generates wrapper .DLL VST file to the VST directory.
  3. After settings files and VST wrapper .DLL has been generated and saved, you can start Cubase, Renoise or other any other DAW that supports 64bit VST2 *.DLLs. The generated VST module can be the detected by DAW and loaded into DAW. The wrapper DLL has 3 parameters which can be used to select explore through original VST module's parameter values.

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